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Food Share - Love South Florida - -4247.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Identity, Branding, Print 


With its mission of Fighting Hunger and Feeding Hope, FoodShare provides help for those in need in South Florida communities with a dignified, joyful attitude.

To convey the rebrand’s cheerfulness and seriousness graphically, the grid is used as a guide to arrange elements, while leaving enough room for loose typography and layout experimentation.

Most donations are made merely by dropping a bag in a box, but FoodShare has its goal to communicate how each bag affects real people, on both sides of the donation. By focusing on individual stories of giving and receiving, FoodShare intends to change the perception of charity from an impersonal handout to a life-transforming act of kindness.


Not-For-Profit Organization

What We Did

Brand Identity
Visual Identity


Creative Direction:

Michael Miller
Bryan Likley

Art Direction:
Bryan Likley
Edgard Barbosa

Brand Strategy:
Michael Miller
Edgard Barbosa


Allysar Eales

Study Case Photography:

Justus Martin


Gotham Rounded