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Mud To Mortar

Millions of people are exposed to preventable diseases simply because they don’t have basic flooring in their homes. Archive Global in partnership with Grimshaw Architects devised a plan where concrete floors were designed and built in the homes of the most vulnerable in Bangladesh, raising their standard of living significantly.

To raise awareness of the problem, how to solve and how to expand it, HoneyYork (via Grimshaw) designed the identity of the Mud to Mortar event that took place in New York City in 2018.

The identity tells the story graphically: humble homes are better with concrete floors, and there are more homes that need them. 

The red signs to the color of the ground in Banglash, as well as the color used to paint the floors being built. The identity also include as set of infographic posters that made the hard data easier to understand and urgent.




What We Did

Brand Identity
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Design Direction:
Edgard Barbosa

Brand Strategy:
Edgard Barbosa


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