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New York, NY

New York, NY

Branding, Web, Event Graphics

Branding, Web, Event Graphics





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New York, NY

Branding, Packaging, Social Media

Saint George Roasting Co.

Saint George is an up-and-coming micro coffee brewery based in Staten Island, New York. Composed by duo John Marks and Josiah Steinle, the two recent New Yorkers’ friendship developed over their mutual interest in specialty coffee and conversations after work. Their interest grew into a business and the idea that the best coffee facilitates good discussions and bring people together.

At its core, Saint George Roast is a do-it-yourself company.  No titles, no bureaucracy, just the drive to roast the best coffee in the facilitate best conversations. With such a distilled image of themselves, HoneyYork worked with John and Jos to develop an native, cool, and elegant identity.To communicate the varied interest they discuss over coffee, HoneyYork developed an identity rooted in the 1970s-80s East Village counterculture’s no-frills aesthetics.

We sourced typography that is local to the neighborhood and soften it to make it feel weathered, like buildings’ sharp edges that have been softened by dozens of paint layers over the years.

Colors, textures, and imagery for their packaging and advertising refer to the cheaply printed black and white punk zines produced in the decade. We also designed the coffee bag labels with the same DIY attitude. Labels were designed to be printed in black and white in any print shop, from a professional industrial company or at the neighborhood copy machine. 


Specialty Coffee

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Design Direction:
Edgard Barbosa

Brand Strategy:
Edgard Barbosa


Edgard Barbosa


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